Soft Washing vs Pressure Washing, what is the difference?

Driveway pressure washing

Soft washing is a three step house washing technique that uses high GPM (gallons per minute) but with very low water pressure, usually only around  1,200 PSI. This is a gentle, stucco safe, and effective way to clean a stucco homes in Las Vegas. The expert technicians at Summerlin Property Services will first rinse your home to remove the heavy dirt and debris then we apply an earth friendly soap/enzyme and allow that to dwell for about 15 minutes. The enzymes will loosen up the more stubborn, problem areas and then we perform a final rinse and the end result is a home that looks years younger! Performing a soft house wash can often brighten up your home so much that you will no longer feel the need for a paint job. If you receive a HOA letter stating that your home needs to be painted, please call us first 702-965-2065 and see if a soft house wash is right for you.

On the other hand, we have pressure washing sometimes also referred to as power washing. This technique uses a very strong stream of water pressure (usually around 4,000 PSI) to muscle and force the dirt and debris off the area being cleaned. Pressure washing is a fine and very effective way to clean concrete, pavers and other surface/ground areas but it can be dangerous if used on a stucco home. If you have any previous problem areas like divots, cracking or peeling of the stucco then a high pressure wash can exasperate those previous issues and make chunks of your home come flying off. Please give the experts and Summerlin Property Services a call and we can discuss the specific details of your project and come up with a plan that best suites your needs.

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How to prevent birds from crashing into clean windows

There’s nothing more fulfilling than a fresh window cleaning to make your home sparkle and shine! Clean windows really helps to maximize the amount of sunlight that is able to enter your home, but what about the birds? Anyone who has had their windows cleaned before has heard that awful thumping sound of a bird crashing into your newly cleaned windows. It can be a traumatizing experience not only for you and our fine feathered friends but also for your sparkling clean windows. So let’s discuss why birds fly into windows and what we can do to prevent it from happening.
Why Do Birds Crash into Windows?
In general, birds fly into windows because of reflections that cause an optical illusion that eliminates the window from the bird’s vision, especially when the window is clean and doesn’t have any dirt buildup to help alter the reflection. In daylight, plants outside of your house can reflect off of your windows, causing birds to treat the windows as vegetation. Additionally, birds may see indoor plants near your window ledge and be drawn to those indoor plants. At the right angle or lighting the birds may also see their reflection in the window and think it’s another bird and fly towards it.
4 Great Ways to Safeguard your Windows
1. Decals
An easy way to prevent birds from flying into your windows is by placing decals or stickers on window. These can be fun, especially for the holidays. For the summer, try placing cartoon flower decals on your windows, spaced a couple of feet apart from each other. This will reduce window reflection and still allow plenty of light into your home.
2. Exterior Curtains
Acopian Bird Savers are a great and easy way to save birds. Not only are these simple string curtains aesthetically pleasing, but they also work. You can purchase a custom set that fits your windows while offering a practical and quaint way to repel birds from your windows. This photo shows an Acopian window treatment and here is a direct link to the Acopian products…
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3. One-Way Transparent Film
Products like CollidEscape allow for you to see out of your freshly washed windows inside while displaying a pattern for those on the outside of your home. These decorative films not only allow you to still appreciate your windows from the inside, but they additionally can help bring down your cooling costs. Check out their website here…
4. Fake Owls
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How often should I clean my windows?

Great question! Las Vegas is an extremely dusty and dirty environment. In other parts of the country you can have your windows cleaned every couple years and they will still look great but not in Las Vegas. Window cleaning in Las Vegas is a little different due to the harsh desert environment. We recommend that you have your exterior windows cleaned no less than 1 time per year for residential window cleaning. Our most common rotation is every 6 months and if you clean your windows quarterly or more often we will happily provide you with a 20% discount of any services you have performed. The interior windows once up to par do not need to be cleaned as often as the exterior windows as it is mostly just dust buildup on the inside glass. Things like dog nose and little kiddie hand prints can happen immediately after service so it’s really just the dust buildup we are concerned with when discussing interior window cleaning. For most people the dust build up will visually bother them in about 12-18 months. It’s very common for our customers to have their exterior windows cleaned 2-3 times for each time the interior windows are cleaned. Please call us anytime with any additional questions you may have at 702-965-2065
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