How often should I clean my windows?

Great question! Las Vegas is an extremely dusty and dirty environment. In other parts of the country you can have your windows cleaned every couple years and they will still look great but not in Las Vegas. Window cleaning in Las Vegas is a little different due to the harsh desert environment. We recommend that you have your exterior windows cleaned no less than 1 time per year for residential window cleaning. Our most common rotation is every 6 months and if you clean your windows quarterly or more often we will happily provide you with a 20% discount of any services you have performed. The interior windows once up to par do not need to be cleaned as often as the exterior windows as it is mostly just dust buildup on the inside glass. Things like dog nose and little kiddie hand prints can happen immediately after service so it’s really just the dust buildup we are concerned with when discussing interior window cleaning. For most people the dust build up will visually bother them in about 12-18 months. It’s very common for our customers to have their exterior windows cleaned 2-3 times for each time the interior windows are cleaned. Please call us anytime with any additional questions you may have at 702-965-2065
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